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SWC Plot Registration application form
Fields marked with (*) are mandatory.
Applicant Information
* Name :
* Role :
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Registered Office Details
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Property Details
Is Plot MIDC or Non-MIDC ? :
District of present unit :
* Industrial Area of present unit :
* Property Form :
* Type of Property :
* Present Property No. (Plot/Shed/Gala) :
* Plot Area in m2 :
Plot/Unit Contact Information
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Description of Selected Activity :
EM Acknowledgement Number
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Date of Acknowledgement : Select Date
Application Form for Permission for Felling/Trimming/Re-plantation of Trees
1)*   No. of Trees at present :    
2)*   No. of Trees proposed *  Reasons
For Felling :  

For Trimming :    
For Re-Plantation :    
3)*   No. of Trees to be kept as it is :  
Provide Count of following High Risk Category Trees (if present)
NOTE: Enter "0" (zero) if the count of the mentioned tree is Zero. All fields below are mandatory!
(i) Tamarindus chebula (Hirda) :
(ii) Teak (Tectona grandis) :
(iii) Madhuca latifolia (Mahua, Moha) :
(iv) Mangifera indica (Mango)(excluding grafted mango):
(v) Acacia catechu (Khair) :
(vi) Sandal (Santalum album) :
(vii) Pterocarpus marsupium (Bija) :
(viii) Adiana cordifolia (Haldu) :
(ix) Ougenia dalbergoidus (Tiwas) :
(x) Terminalia tomentosa (Ain) :
(xi) Terminalia paniculata (kinjal) :
(xii) Hardwiclia binata (Anjan) :
(xiii) Sygegium cumini (Jambhul) :
(xiv) Amruta (Narkya) (Notopodytes nimmoniana/Notopodytes foetida) :
(xv) Mangrove Species (list given below.) :
List of Mangroves  : 
"Mangrove" includes Rhizopliora mucronata (Lamk), Rhizophora apiculata (Biam), Ceriops candolleana (Ara), Kandelia rheedei "(Wight),Bruguicra gymnorhiza(Lamk), Lumnitzera recemosa (Willd), Sonneratia apetala (Buch Ham), Sonneratia acida (Dinn), Avicenta officinalis(Linn), Avicenia marina (Linn), Acanthus ilicifolius, Aegiceras majus and Salvadora persica (Linn).

For more details, refer - Government Resolution No.: DIPP/TFTP/CR NO.21/ F-6 Page 9 of 15 Mangroove Species
Documents to be attach with the application*(Note: Image size should be less than 3 MB)
Photographs of Trees proposed :
Attach Images View Uploaded Images

Pursuant to Section 11 (2) of the Maharashtra (Urban Areas) Protection and Preservation of Trees Act, 1975. I hereby solemnly affirm that I shall be abide by the Section No.8/9/10 of the aforesaid Act. Further I declare that I will plant the trees properly & preserve the same with existing trees. After plantation/ re-plantation I will preserve the trees for 3 years & will submit the report after every 6 months period to the authority. Further accordingly to the orders, I am ready to pay the security deposit. I am also aware that the security deposit will be forfeited if orders under section 8 & 9 of the above act are violated.

I am aware that, I will be liable for the legal action for violation of the act.

*I read and Agree all above terms.

Document to be enclosed
Sr.No.Document NameIs Mandatory
1 Affidavit as per Annexure II of Section 11(2) of Maharashtra (Urban Areas) Protection and Preservation of Trees Act 1975 Mandatory

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