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Property Details
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Applicant Information
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Property Details
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Application Form for Online Plot Allotment
(Last date of submission is 29.01.2018 05:00 PM)
Important Instructions
  • Only Online Applications will be considered for processing. Applications received outside the given time window for submitting applications ( i.e., for current cycle - Last date of submission is 07.11.2017 05:00 PM) due to any reason, will be rejected!
  • All supporting/required documents MUST be uploaded in PDF format only, and MUST be properly readable. Maximum permitted file size is 10 MB.
  • In case of of any discrepancy in the application form or documents, application will be rejected.
Payment Related Instructions
  • Processing Fee (Non-Refundable) & EMD (Refundable, only in case of application rejection) for this application MUST be paid online only, via the provision given at the end of this online form. Payment is to be made only via Internet Banking or NEFT/RTGS (only against the MIDC's Challan generated by you, when you choose payment mode as "NEFT/RTGS" at the end of this application). If you choose to pay the fee via NEFT/RTGS mode, you MUST make the payment against the MIDC Acount Number given on your Challan only!
  • If you choose to pay by Internet Banking, as soon as you complete the payment process "successfully", the form will get auto-submitted immediately (i.e. when the MIDC account gets successfully credited). If you choose to pay by NEFT/RTGS, you must wait for the NEFT/RTGS payment processing cycle to complete (which is as per RBI and Banking rules/guidelines). I either of the cases, Application will get auto-submitted once you have paid the "exact" Total Fee amount (Processing Fee + EMD) and the MIDC account is successfully credited. Kindly avoid making multiple/duplicate payments, to avoid any inconvenience. Avoid making payments using both the payment modes simultaneously, to avoid any inconvenience
  • If the isn't auto-submitted after you have made a NEFT/RTGS transaction, kindly check your bank statement to see if the amount got auto-refunded back to the same account. This will happen if you made some mistake made in making the payment via NEFT/RTGS. This may happen if you have entered a wrong amount, wrong MIDC account number, made a parallel payment by Internet Banking, or a duplicate payment. In case your NEFT/RTGS transaction fails due to any reason, your payment will be auto-refunded back to your same account.
  • Kindly make payment via NEFT/RTGS mode, a few days prior to the last date of form submission to avoid any last-day inconvenience. You are solely responsible to check, proactively, that your application is submitted. In case of payment refund, due to any reason, the refundable amount will be credited back into the same account from which the payment was made. It is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED that applicants make payments only through Nationalized Banks or Scheduled Commercial Banks, to avoid any inconvenience in making the payment or receiving refund (in applicable cases only).
You can find the helpdesk numbers and other related details here
Fields marked with (*) are mandatory.
Applicant Information
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Phone : * Educational Qualification :
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General Information
* Type of Venture
<= 25 Lakhs - MICRO
> 25 Lakhs & <= 5 Crore - SMALL
> 5 Crore & <= 10 Crore - MEDIUM
> 10 Crore - LARGE
: * Manufacturing Activity Nature :
* District : * Industrial Area :
* Property Type :
* Plot type :
* Select Plot : * Selected Plot Area (in sq.mt) :
Processing Fee (in Rs.) :  
CGST - 9 % :
SGST - 9 % :
Total Processing Fee (in Rs.) : EMD (in Rs.)  

GST is only applicable on Processing fee.

Plot Preference 1 : Plot Preference 2 :
Plot Preference 3 :

1. Processing Fee charged here is as per the MIDC Circular - "Click here to open Circular"
2. EMD charged here is as per the MIDC Circular - Click here to open Circular
3. Plot Reservation For SC/ST Applicants (Only individuals/proprietors) is as per Govt. of Maharashtra G.R. -
Click here to open Circular

Company Details
* Company Name : * Company Constitution Type :
* Company Address :
* Company City : * PIN code :
Company Phone : Company Fax :
Company Website : * Are there Existing units of your company in Maharashtra :
Project Details
* Nature of Project :
* Raw Material No - 1 : * Proposed Product No - 1 :
Raw Material No - 2 : Proposed Product No - 2 :
Raw Material No - 3 : Proposed Product No - 3 :
Proposed Product No - 4 :
Proposed Product No - 5 :
Finance Arrangement (in Lakhs INR)
* Self : * Bank Loan :
* Others : * FDI (if any) :
Total Project Cost :
Sr. No. Development Details Details
1 * Total Cost of Project (in Lakhs)
2 * Investment in Plant and Machinery (In Lakhs)
3 * Investment in Building( Rs In Lakh)
4 * Plinth Area (sq metres)
5 * Builtup Area (sq metres)
6 * Land for Open Storage (sq metres)
7 * Any Other Area(sq metres)
8 * Power Requirement (KW)
9 * Water Requirement Domestic (m3/day) 
10 * Water Requirement Industrial (m3/day)
11 * Effluent Quantity(m3/day)
12 * Solid Waste (in kg)
13 * Number of Skilled Employees
14 * Number of Unskilled Employees
15 * Number of Supervisory Employees
16 * Total Employees
Sr. No. Required Documents to be submitted along with land application
1. * Detailed Project Report (DPR) (Mandatory!)
2. * For following types of applicants : (Mandatory!)
  • For Proprietorship: Self Declaration or valid Photo Identity Proof
  • For Proposed Partnership: Self Declaration of Proposed Partners or valid Photo Identity Proof.
  • For Partnership: Registration Certificate issued by Registrar of Firms or if Partnership Firm is not registered with Registrar of Firms, the copy of Partnership Deed.
  • For Private Ltd./Public Ltd./LLP or any other Legal Entity which is registered under Companies Act: Certificate of Incorporation issued by Registrar of Companies.
  • For Proposed Private Ltd./Public Ltd./LLP or any other Legal Entity which is registered under Companies Act : Self Declaration of Promoters of the Proposed Company or valid Photo Identity Proof
  • For Co. Operative Society: Registration Certificate issued by Registrar of Co. Operative Societies
  • For Public Trust or any other Legal Entity or Society: Registration Certificate issued by Competent Authority under their respective Act.
  • For Public Sector Undertaking / Central Government Organization / State Government Organization: Registration under companies act or supporting document showing if established under any special act.
3. * Land Utilization and proposed built-up area of required land (Block Plan) (Mandatory!)
4. Details of previously allotted plot/shed/gala: BCC/Allotment Letter/Possession receipt (if any)

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