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SWC Plot Registration application form
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Applicant Information
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* Role :
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Registered Office Details
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Property Details
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EM Acknowledgement Number
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  Application for sub-letting of Plot  

(A Govermrnt of Maharashtra Undertaking)

  I / We hereby apply for registering our request of Sub-Letting of Plot for Industrial / Commercial purpose in MIDC   Industrial Area.  
  We hereby furnish the necessary information with respect of our industry, as under  
Name of the firm / company :
Postal Address :
Telephone Number :
E-Mail(ID) :
Cell Number :
Plot No. :
  Area of Plot :
* Area to be sublet : sq. mtr.
* Built up area as per BCC : sq. mtr.
Whether Sub-Lettee/s is willing to run his/her/their/ its activity? If yes, how much built up area required, for own activity? : sq. mtr.
* Name of Sub-lettee :
* Postal Address :
* Telephone Number :
Cell No. :
E-Mail(ID) :
 Type of company constitution :
* Type of Activity proposed by Sub-lettee i.e. Industrial OR Commercial (attach project report) :
Total no. of persons to be employed (Proposed)    
  1)Supervisory :
  2) Skilled :
  3)Semi-Skilled :
Electric Load (Proposed)    
  1)Connected KW : kw
  2)Max demand KW : kw
Proposed water consumption (ltr./day) : ltr/day
Are there any effluents in the process
If Yes mention the treatment and disposal plan?
Whether ancillary industry? :
If it is export oriented, Annual Turnover (in Lacs) :
Required built up area    
  Office : sq. mtr.
  Production : sq. mtr.
  Unit /Gala No. :
* Period of sub-letting (Max 10 yrs)
* Period of sub-letting (From Date) : Select Date
* Period of sub-letting (To Date) : Select Date
Date of occupation : Select Date
Open area required for any other purpose, if any : sq. mtr.
* Whether Plot is already Sub-letted? :
*   a. Name of the Sub-Lettee :
*   b. Area of the Sub-Lettee (Sq. m) :
*   c. Period of sub-letting (From Date) : Select Date
*   d. Period of sub-letting (To Date) : Select Date
  I/We hereby declare that the information provided by me/us is true to the best of my knowledge and belief and nothing has been concealed therein. I am/We are well aware of the fact that if the Information given by me/us is proved false/not true, I/We will have to face the punishment as per the law. Also, all the benefits availed by me/us shall be summarily withdrawn..  
  We further state that the particulars given above are true and correct to our knowledge and belief and that no material facts have been concealed  or withheld. We also state further that all nacessary statutary permissions / clearance / licences shall be obtained to carry out the activity of sublettee.  
  Note :  
  Sub-letting of the premises is permitted by Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation on payment of sub-letting charges. These charges are calculated on the basis of 3 % of prevailing premium rate per annum on the respective occupied area for use. Sub-letting charges will be payable by allotee in advance. Sub-letting is allowed up to 10 years on payment of sub-letting charges in advance. But after 3 years, the difference in sub-letting charges at prevailing rate are recoverable from the allotee per annum. The sub-letting permission is renewable. If sub-letting charges/fees/compensation is not paid by the allotee or allotee refused to pay, the sub-letting charges will be recovered from the occupier  
Document to be enclosed
Sr.No.Document NameIs Mandatory
1 Request Letter from the Sublette/s containing the constitution of their firm [Mandatory] Mandatory
2 Certified copy of Leave and License Agreement with Registration Proof [Mandatory] Mandatory
3 Plan showing the area to be sub-letted/Area proposed to be sub-letted [Mandatory] Mandatory
4 Date of Occupation of each of Sub-lettee/s [Mandatory] Mandatory
5 The project report should also highlight if any open space is sub-letted or to be sub-letted OR If any area occupied/proposed to be occupied Non Mandatory
6 NOC of the financial institution(if the plot is mortgaged) Non Mandatory

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