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Property Details
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Applicant Information
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Address :
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Registered Office Details
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Property Details
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Note:-  Please enter plot number in the format "Block Number-Unit Number"
Use "-" as separator between the Block Number and the Unit Number.
e.g-123,In cases where there is no block number
e.g-C-123,In cases where there is a block number allotted.
In case if you have multiple adjacent Plots then please mention all the plot numbers separated by a ","
* Present Property No. (Plot/Shed/Gala) :
* Area in m2 :
Plot/Unit Contact Information
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* Type of Industry/Activity : Details, If others
EM Acknowledgement Number
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Date of Acknowledgement : Select Date
  Application for Final Fire Approval  
  Please Note:At the time of getting Final Fire Approval from Chief Fire Officer & Fire Advisor, the building should not breach the following norms:  
  a. For storage of Gases and Petroleum Products, Solvents as per Explosives Act 1884 & The Explosives Substance Act 1908 & The Explosives Rules 1983.  
  b. The Petroleum Act 1934 & The Petroleum Rules 1976.  
  c. The Gas Cylinder Rules 1981 & Static and Mobile Pressure Vessels (Unfired) Rules 1981.  
  I / We submit herewith application for Final Fire Approval with details given below:-  
  Name of the Applicant :
Address of the Applicant :  
* Activity Hazard Type :
* Fire Activity :
* Building Type :
* Tallest Building Height : mtr.
* Biggest floor Plate : Sq. mtr.
* Applying for Built up area : Sq. mtr.
  Previously approved Built up area  : Sq. mtr.
* Provisional NOC No :
* Provisional NOC Date : Select Date
Document to be enclosed
Sr.No.Document NameIs Mandatory
1 As built area statement from Architect with floor wise area and indicating total cover area on each floor (if any variation from the then approval plans by MIDC) Non Mandatory
2 Form-A of the license agency along with Annexure as per the Provisions of The Maharashtra Fire Prevention and Life Safety Measures Act, 2006. [Mandatory] Mandatory

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