MIDC LAC Minutes

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LAC Minutes

TitleDate Of MeetingMeeting PlaceChair PersonCreated DateDownload Here
11-10-201811/10/2018LaturRO Latur19-10-2018 13:25:50 Download
Jt.CEO LAC Minutes dt 04.09.2018 DMIC Parason Machinery04/09/2018Head OfficeJoint CEO DMIC15-10-2018 15:04:27 Download
Jt.CEO LAC Minutes dt 13.07.2018 DMIC Aurangabad Carbon03/10/2018Head OfficeJoint CEO DMIC15-10-2018 14:02:29 Download
LAC Meeting held on dt 1110201811/10/2018NashikRO Nashik12-10-2018 13:39:17 Download
LAC-MEETING MINUTES-SHRIRAMPAUR AND NEWASA DT. 11.10.201811/10/2018NashikRO Nashik11-10-2018 19:15:46 Download
LAC MENUTES MEETING 1110201811/10/2018AurangabadRO Aurangabad11-10-2018 18:58:44 Download
LAC Minutes - Kinwat - Kandhar -on 11.10.201811/10/2018NandedRO Nanded11-10-2018 18:48:31 Download
Jt.CEO LAC Minutes dt 30.08.2018 (IT) Sula Wine30/08/2018Head OfficeJoint CEO IT08-10-2018 11:04:16 Download
Minutes dt. 30.08.2018000130/08/2018Head OfficeJoint CEO IT25-09-2018 12:41:30 Download
Dy CEO-III LAC dt.-04.09.201804/09/2018Head OfficeDeputy CEO 317-09-2018 11:36:14 Download