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Circular NoDepartmentIssued ByDate Of Issue Circular No.SubjectDownload Here
B52565ATPJt. Chief Executive Officer (IT)28 Apr 2017Issuance of BCC by the Architect and Issuance of OC by SPA Download
B51399ATPChief Planner27 Apr 2017Appointment of single Point of Contact Person for handling BPAMS queries Download
89E&MDChief Engineer25 Apr 2017Delegation of powers under MR & TP Act 1966 Amended April 2017 Download
B43425LandJt. Chief Executive Officer21 Apr 2017अपवादात्‍मक परिस्थितीत मुदतवाढ मंजूर करणेबाबत Download
B40178ATPChief Planner20 Apr 2017INSPECTION OFFICERS REVISED Download
B40958ATPChief Planner20 Apr 2017Guidelines for Tree Authority Download
B40967LandJt. Chief Executive Officer (IT)20 Apr 2017Grievance Redressal Cell- Circular Download
B39144ATPChief Planner19 Apr 2017Time Limit for processing O C Download
B38510ATPJt. Chief Executive Officer19 Apr 2017Guidelines for SPA 19042017 Download
B32584LandJt. Chief Executive Officer13 Apr 2017सूक्ष्‍म, लघु उपक्रम-औद्योगिक समूह (MSE-CDP) यांना भूखंड वाटपात प्राधान्‍य देणेबाबत Download